Repairing of the pig’s enclosures

The Oikos community helps families to increase their financial resources in Borongan, the capital of Samar area. For that purpose, they give each family a pregnant sow.

Once it gives birth, the family can sell some of the piglets and keep the rest to strengthen their economic activity. One of the piglets is given back to the community to be later given to a family in need.

This activity has proven itself, 100 families have been helped during the three past years. In average, this activity has increased those families income of 30%.

In order to respond to the increasing need of helping more families, a renovation and widening project of the pig’s enclosures has been planned for next year.

The evaluated budget is of 1000 euros (1108 US dollars).

For more details, feel free to download the full project file.

Building of a community clinic in the village of charity

What we propose here is a very large-scale project which is one of Oikos community’s dream. It is the building of a community clinic.

A dental care room.

A healthcare room.

A computer room for Philippine students.

A church.

A refectory.

A kitchen.

Several rooms upstairs for Sisters of the community.