We went there in hope of giving, but we didn’t expect to receive so much.

As part of the Bachelor 2 in Management at the University of Lille 2, I participated in a humanitarian and cultural project in the Philippines in April 2017. To carry out this project, we joined forces with four other comrades to support the Oikos community, which helps the most disadvantaged.


Oikos is located on one of the poorest islands of the Philippines because it is regularly subject to typhoons.


We put several actions in place to raise funds, which, in 7 months generated a 6,000€. It enabled us to build two houses in the « charity village » of the community, which is offering a home to families who lost all their goods in natural disasters.


On site, we mainly organized activities with the children of the community who were on holidays.

We shared the life of this community for a month, it was a very enriching experience. This travel was a true-life lesson. We went there with the hope to give but we didn’t expect to receive that much!