Les Philippins sont réputés pour leur joie de vivre, leur bienveillance
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Filipinos are known for their joie de vivre and their kindness. It has been proved within the OIKOS community.
I had the chance to meet Emilien in July 2015 when he came back from Philippines. He quickly conveyed to me his interest for this country and particularly his interest for the OIKOS community.

At that time, with four of my friends from the university, we were looking for a destination to achieve a humanitarian project. The challenge was considerable; we had to gather up enough money to perform our activities once there, but we also had to gather up money to pay our plane tickets.

We made a campaign to raise funds.

Two months from departure we had gathered enough money to achieve this wonderful project.

We were glad to see our project materialize but each of us was a bit reluctant, knowing that the experience would be intense.

Once arrived at Borongan, the community gave us a warm welcome. Children sang to us welcoming songs. There, you understand that all the efforts you have made since the beginning of the year prove to be rewarded.

Filipinos are known for their joyfulness and their kindness. It has been proved within the OIKOS community.

Children played along and took part a lot in every activity we proposed such as artistic activities, cultural ones and sports tournaments. We also took part into the traditional activities such as karaoke.

A part of our trip was devoted to the building of a house for a poor family from the province of Borongan. It has been a great pride to complete the building of this house designed to resist typhoons.

This experience has been extremely meaningful.

I was impressed by the involvement of the community for the children and for the poor families through several developing programmes regarding the education and the agriculture.

It is the reason why I want to keep on support the sisters by means of Full of Hope!


Thomas FRERE